2019 BSA Camp Card

Camp Card Sale 2019

The 2019 Cherokee Area Council’s Camp Card Sale will begin on February 2, 2019, and run through May 8, 2019. This $5.00 camp card will help your Scouts earn their way to camp and the unit will earn 50% commission on every camp card sold! The Council is introducing four regional camp cards for the 2018 Camp Card Sale.

Camp Card Timeline

Saturday, February 2nd: Camp Card kickoff & distribution at University of Scouting

February Roundtable: Camp Card distribution and Unit selling tips

Wednesday, March 20th: First “On My Honor” drawing

Wednesday, March 20th: Mid-Sale Check Point “Camp Seller” 50% Commission status. All units that make a payment by this date for half the number of cards checked out will earn 50% commission for the entire sale. Units may continue selling after this date.

March Roundtable: Camp Card distribution and returns

Wednesday, April 17th: Second “On My Honor” drawing

Wednesday, May 8th: GRAND Prize drawing – ALL UNSOLD CARDS AND BALANCE ARE DUE

Download the Leaders Guide in PDF format.

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