October 2019 Newsletter

October 2019 Newsletter

Program Feature for October: Hiking

If you think hiking just means following a trail around your favorite Scout camp, think again. There are all sorts of hikes you can take. This month, we will focus on Trail Hiking – Scouts do much of their hiking on trails. They may choose pathways leading deep into the back-country, or shorter routes connecting points of interest in a Scout camp or a city. A trail can lead to a mountaintop, a lake, a neighborhood park, or a prairie.

Program Overview

This month’s Program will help with the following:

  • Second Class requirement 1a
  • First Class requirement 1a
  • American Heritage, Backpacking, Citizenship in the Community, Geocaching, Hiking, Orienteering, and Personal Fitness merit badges

How Parents can help this month:

  • Providing Transportation for the main event.
  • Making sure every Scout has appropriate equipment.
  • Accompanying the group on it’s trek.
  • Maintaining current Youth Protection certification, which is required of all adults providing transportation for or participating in outings.

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